Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Women, Know Your Place!!

As you have probably noticed, my theme is that of the Retro Secretary, which is an era when a secretary was considered to be nothing more than an airheaded tea fetcher. Of course, she did have a brain but it was highly unlikely any of her suggestions were used and if they were, they were probably hijacked by a man who claimed them to be his own ideas. How times have changed! This clip from English comedian, Harry Enfield, makes me think of what it might have been like:

Hmm, good job I wasn't around in the 50's!

My Assistant


Crazy Momma said...

OMG - is THAT why I have hair(s) growing out of my chin? I went to college?!

Becs said...

Good Luck, I wish I had won the contest. Love the website! Becs

Elisa said...

OMg, this video is hilarious.

I think that wasn't an era for me. I problably would have been considered one of those cooks who make wildly inappropriate comments not pertaining in any way to furry kittens and gracious laughs ;-)

Farrah said...

THAT was hilarious...LMAO...I'd go crazy having to act stupid all the time!